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28 July 2006

An INDEX! And... RSS!!

An INDEX! And... RSS!!

This blog keeps swelling like a mutant chook with constipation.

So here's an Index to make things easier!

First up, the big news is this site now has RSS! Every day new articles will appear for children plus new jokes, writing tips, children's book news, weird facts and words of the day. Even when I'm on holiday! That means over 50 great new reasons to visit this site every day!

Left hand column

First up: school shows! There are reviews from teachers and students about my funny and weirdly informative shows and info about where I'm touring next, including 2007.

Next, a bunch of reviews, followed by a photo of nine basket-case kittens and another review by the esteemed Dianne Bates, before we move on to some teacher notes and more reviews of
Erasmus James & the Galactic Zapp Machine, rip into four chapters for the main course, then finish off with a dessert of some sick surfing sites and WebRing... thingies!

* DC Green's Top Ten FAQs! All the questions you ever wanted to ask DC Green. Possibly.
* Teacher notes for Erasmus James & the Galactic Zapp Machine (or as we call the book around here, EJ&tGZM).
* An Absolute Corker! EJ&tGZM review by Australia's Surfing Life magazine.
* A World of Wonder. Another glowing book review, this one by legend children's author, Bill Condon.
* Bonus mini reviews. A dozen or so extra shiny, happy critters.
* EJ&tGZM front cover!
* The Big One! The first four chapters of EJ&tGZM. Enjoy!
* World Surf Media Guide, including a photo of DC Green (that's me!) surfing something other than the web...
* Wonderful WebRings. Nothing but the coolest Rings on the Web.

Right hand column

* DC Green mugshot & profile... stuff.
* Bookmark Australia. The best site to order a copy of EJ&tGZM.
* Links. There's a ton of these and I rotate them around regularly, but they are all well worth checking out. Here you'll find great children's and adult authors, top artists and illustrators, ripper writing sites, things to do, recommended blogs, some DC-related articles and more than a cyborg chook can pole vault!


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