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02 February 2007

WIN 10 YEARS of FREE Barrel Books!

WIN 10 YEARS of FREE Barrel Books!

* All signed by the author & illustrator!

* Books will include EVERY DC Green book published in the next ten years!!

* All mailed to your door, hot off the presses!!

* Plus great runner-up prizes every month: posters, signed books and original signed Stinky Squad artwork!

How to WIN

Step 1.Write a review of Stinky Squad (or any other Barrels Book).
You could talk about the story, characters, who you'd recommend the book to, what you liked best or what you disliked.

Step 2. Get the review published.
Mail or e-mail your review to: your local newspaper; your school newsletter or magazine; online book review sites (there are dozens of these – just do a search), or even in the Barrel Books Shop review section. You might even get paid for your review or win a prize!

Step 3. Send us proof you've succeeded.
Send a photocopy or original of your published review to:
Barrel Books
PO Box 427
Ulladulla NSW 2539
Oztrailer… wait, I mean, Australia.

If the review is published online, simply mail the review URL (website address) to Barrel Books or post it on the 'Win Prizes' page at www.barrelbooks.com

What are you waiting for?
Get writing and WIN! ALL entrants will become Elite Members of the Stinky Squad Fan Club!! The first monthly prize will be a free author-signed Barrel Books book of your choice!
The more reviews you have published, the more chances you have to win!
If writing is too hard, you can still win other great prizes - like signed Stinky Squad posters. Just send us your contact details (or post them here) and we'll sign you up in the Stinky Squad Fan Club! It's FREE!


  • At Monday, May 14, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At Monday, May 21, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey DC you came to my school today and i realy injoued you but my teacher didn't but i thort you were great i hope you come again DC
    hope you good on your next book! BYE AWISHING YOU THE BEST LUCK
    Kurt Fraser


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  • At Thursday, September 06, 2007, Blogger Sonia said…

    Hi DC

    you came to our school
    on the 5th of september
    you were great!

    love ya DC

    it is 6.00pm in australia when i posted this.

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