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14 April 2007

Young Writer Interview

Young Writer Interview

Brenton Cullen is a 12-year old author who has already had his first book published, The Writers, and has more on the way. Hoping to inspire grommets to write more, DC Green interviewed the Boy Wonder of Books…

What do you enjoy most about writing?
The outlining, and just writing itself

What are you working on now?
At the moment I am having a manuscript edited by my lovely author friend, Sally Odgers, (it is a fantasy) and also adapting a script from a book as well as starting a new story about an orphan.

What’s your best writing tip?
I don't have writing tips. People can't give you tips, and you just think ‘Oh yeah!' and finish the whole novel easily and quickly. It doesn't work like that. Take your time to just make sure it's perfect. Also, write what YOU want not what other people tell you what THEY want.

Tell us about your book, The Writers: a Collection of Australian Writers' Biographies.
Well it is a collection of biographies on Aussie authors. I interviewed them, researched them, and everything in about four-six months.

Would you rather write best-selling books or books that win awards?
Hmmm .... this is a tricky question. I guess I would like to actually write award-winning, best-selling books!! Ha! But I would love it more if someone wrote a script on one of my books for perhaps a film or TV series.

Have you read many DC Green books? If not, WHY NOT? If so, which ones and what did you think of them?
No. Mainly because his books are not available where I live, but did read a download copy of Erasmus from his blog, and thought it was OK.

Do you think kids should read more?
Yes, definitely

Is reading better than watching TV? Why?
Well, reading is important and I do watch TV. But it really depends, If it's a crap book I will put it down. If it is good I'll forget what TV even is....

What’s the weirdest thing about Brenton Cullen?
Two things: I wrote three picture books in one week for no reason whatsoever. I didn't even like them, and have no idea why. And I hate fish fingers but like fish.

You can check out more of Brenton, including his reverse interview of DC Green, at http://www.bcull.webs.com/


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