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09 July 2011

All 3 Erasmus James books are OUT NOW!

All 3 Erasmus James books are OUT NOW!

Erasmus zapps to a weird world where humans, ninja horses and mutant chooks live in peaceful harmony.
At least they all did ... until Erasmus makes a deal that could lead to galactic war!

'Brilliant... A joyous comic funfare ride.' - Bill Condon.

Erasmus James,
King of Kid’s Paradise

Erasmus James zapps to a tropical world where adults are banned, there are no rules and all the other kids want him to be their king! 
But what is the dark secret that lurks beneath Kid’s Paradise

‘Far out, funny and fabulous!’ 
- CoastKids magazine.

Buy as a paperback or ebook at www.barrelbooks.com.

 Erasmus James and the Grat Siege

Grats! Giant rats!! – surround my castle.
My troops defend bravely. My mates - mutant chooks, ninja horses and grommets - are also out-numbered, starving and stinky. They turn to me for inspiration.
To Erasmus James, the boy who doomed the universe!

‘Hilarious and action packed… an unforgettable book.’  – Kids’ Book Capers.


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