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30 September 2013



Welcome to Monster School. Hope you survive your first class!

To celebrate the publication of my new novel, Monster School, I’ll be touring some wonderful author and writing blogs.

There will be tonnes of insights into the writing process with topics ranging from world building to creating monstrous characters. I’ll happily answer any posted questions (such as, ‘What’s it like sitting at the desk next to a giant spider called Bruce?’). And yes, there will be laughter – and giveaways!

Below are the Monster Blog Tour dates and destinations, plus handy links for buying Monster School in kindle or paperback format.

Monster Blog Tour Dates

Tuesday, October 1. Buzz Words. Super sneaky peek!  http://www.buzzwordsmagazine.com/

Wednesday, October 2. Dianne Bates. Wacky author interview. http://diannedibates.blogspot.com.au/

Thursday, October 3. Dee White. World building. http://deescribewriting.wordpress.com/

Friday, October 4. Erin O’Hara. Zany question time. http://erinmoiraohara.wordpress.com/

Saturday, October 5. Tania McCartney. Monstrous author interview. http://www.kids-bookreview.com/

Sunday, October 6. Ian Irvine. Plotters versus Pantsers. http://bloggingwithianirvine.blogspot.com.au/

Monday, October 7. Pass It On. Groovy reviews. http://jackiehoskingpio.wordpress.com/

Tuesday, October 8.  Michael Gerard Bauer. Writing the perfect first page. http://michaelgerardbauer.wordpress.com/

Wednesday, October 9. Robyn Opie Parnell. Writing a 21st Century Lord of the Rings. http://robynopie.blogspot.com.au/

Thursday, October 10. George Ivanoff. Writing monstrous characters.

Friday, October 11. Helen Ross. Mixing words and art.

Saturday, October 12. Wrap party with prizes at my DC Green Author page! http://www.facebook.com/DCGreenAuthor

Other Monstrous Links

Ford Street Publishing (for Monster orders): http://www.fordstreetpublishing.com

Amazon.com (for a kindle Monsters): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FDKBTVQ


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