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07 August 2015

The DC Green School Show: Teacher Reviews

The DC Green School Show: Teacher Reviews

‘WOW! What a visit! DC was entertaining as well as educational. From the moment he started rapping he had the students captivated. He intertwined funny stories with brilliant writing tips that left the kids hanging to pick up a pen and start writing. Thanks for the great show!’
- The 5/6 Team, Bannockburn Primary School, Vic.

‘DC's visit to our school was wonderful. Our students and teachers loved his stories and writing tips. Thanks for inspiring us, DC!’
- Holly Dixon, Kolbe Catholic College, Vic.

‘DC Green knows his audience and pitches his talk exactly to them. Our year seven students were engaged from the start. They were excited by his ideas and coming up with their own. It was great for the boys to see that writing can be accessible and fun.’
- Sharon Mitchell, Teacher-Librarian, Ashfield Boys’ School.

‘DC's presentation to the Grades 3 & 4 was before lunch. In the afternoon, all the children wanted to do was write stories!’
- Jenny Chandler, Larmenier School, St. Leonards, TAS.
‘DC Green’s visit was highly successful. His valuable writing tips will be used as a resource for narrative writing. I’ve been reading Erasmus James during roll call to an appreciative audience who have begged me to keep on reading day after day. I like the length of the chapters. We now have several DC Green books in the library. Our reluctant readers have been borrowing and returning for more. DC has hit upon a formula that appeals to a teenage audience, particularly Year 7 boys. DC could work with teachers, in-servicing them on the finer points of narrative writing for NAPLAN.’
- Barbara Kelly, West Wallsend High School, NSW.

‘Thanks again for your fantastic performance, the teachers and students were very impressed. We have created posters of your writing tips and the teachers have noticed great improvement in the girls’ creative writing.’
- Selina Ryan, Librarian, All Hallows' School, Brisbane.

‘Thank you so much for inspiring such enthusiasm for both your books and for writing. A wonderful visit!’
- Michele Micallef, St Paul's Primary School, Vic.

‘The children really enjoyed DC Green's talk. I have photocopied DC's ‘Writing Tips and Ideas’ for the teachers. They have certainly given the children some great ideas and story starters.’
- Sue Dmetreson, Librarian, Gerringong Primary School.

‘An eclectic enigma. Billy Connolly meets Kelly Slater in a literary mismatch in the classroom. Bizarre, egotistical, enthralling, funny and not to be missed (unless you are on RFF like me).’
- Marcus Arnold, Dapto Public School.
‘The children at our school thoroughly enjoyed the zany, pacy presentation by DC Green. He combined an entertaining mixture of story telling with hints for aspiring writers as well as an opportunity for the children to be involved in his show.’
- Margaret Calvert, Minnamurra Primary School.

“DC’s performance was both entertaining and engaging. The girls came away with some great writing tips.”
- Ms Croft, Year 5, All Hallows' School, Brisbane.

‘The children are enjoying your books and they are still talking about your visit, which is lovely to listen to. You have inspired a lot of children with your ideas and enthusiasm!’
- Annette Graham, Ballarat North Primary School, Vic.

‘Here are just some of my thoughts...
- Much better than Andy Griffiths!
- It was great to see an author talk about writing – for some reason students have listened to him instead of me. We have used the DC Green approach to writing for recounts to make them more interesting, focusing on one or two exciting/interesting events as opposed to a boring sentence on everything they did!
- Visuals on whiteboard were great.
- It was great to see that he knew his books well enough to recite and dramatise!!’
- Glenn, Ballarat North Primary School, Vic.

‘A fantastic experience! DC’s writing tips were great too. The children had lots of fun and the Year 5’s I worked with this morning were referring to DC when we were discussing the children’s books we are writing this term. They would say, DC Green said… “No boring bits,” “Have a conflict in the story” and “Something crazy happening”.’
- Yalinda Allen, St. Bernadette’s School, St. Mary’s, SA.

‘We’ve had lots of positive comments from kids and teachers.’
- Greg Wilmot, Emerald primary School, Vic.

Comments from Elizabeth South Primary School, SA…

‘The feedback from the show has been great. The kids went home "raving" to their parents.’
- Sue van der Veer, teacher librarian.

"Fantastic. Very engaging and highly entertaining for the students :)
Great! :) (Jess, year 5/6/7 teacher)

"Children seemed very engaged and enjoyed the performance." (Alan, intervention teacher)

"Loved it, kids were inspired!" (Sarah - 3/4 teacher - and she told me her kids spent the entire afternoon working on developing a character)

"Humour really got them in" (Gill 4/5 teacher)

"Excellent! The kids loved it. DC kept the kids engaged the whole time."
(Donna 1/2 teacher)

"Brilliant! Kids enjoyed the whole thing and teachers had a giggle too!!"
(Danielle (Reception teacher) & Kate (2/3 teacher))

"Great morning - the kids had a good laugh and learnt lots about writing a good story." (Lynley - SSO)

"DC Green rocked the library! He made us laugh until our eyes popped out and shared some fab writing tips with us too!" (Me - on my library blog - www.espslibrary.weebly.com)

Shoal Bay PS comments…

Stage 1 teacher ...
Content and motivation very good. Children stimulated and keen!

Stage 2 teachers...
Overall I thought he was really good :)
# He engaged kids particularly boys (data suggests our boys are doing poorly compared to girls)
# Loved, loved, loved the editing talk (again this is something kids really can’t do!!) I think it was great for them to hear from him that editing is an important life skill and I am hoping that that particular point resonated with my boys :))

He was animated and energetic and engaged the kids. My boys certainly enjoyed it and I plan on starting a narrative writing time in class for the reminder of the term as I feel that my kids will do extremely well.

Kids enjoyed his humour.

Stage 2 AP ...
I enjoyed the show and I love that beanie, I want it!

Stage 3 AP...
Stage 3 enjoyed his wit and how it wasn’t a 'straight' lesson.

- collected by Gai Swartz, Shoal Bay PS, NSW.

‘The teachers were pleased with your presentation. Comments were:
- The children were entertained, but he managed their behaviour well.
- Very amusing but good ideas to work on with their writing.
- It has been very useful, as we are working on writing skills at the moment.’
- Viv Wilson, Happy Valley Primary School, SA.

‘DC Green… what a talented and affable fellow!’
- Virginia Cox, Children's/Young Adult Librarian, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.

‘We have had great feedback.’
- Shay King, St. Aloysius School, Ballarat, Vic.

‘Thanks again for the fantastic visit to our school. You certainly inspired the kids to get into reading and writing and we already have long waiting lists to borrow the books we bought for the library.’
- Rachel Bolt, St John Bosco Primary School, SA.

‘Hi DC, We really enjoyed your recent visit to Palmyra PS. You have been an inspiration. The kids are so into reading your books and trying to emulate you in their writing. Thank you so much!’
- Janine Tindale, Palmyra PS, WA.

‘Thank you for your wonderful visit to our little school at Abermain. The students loved it!’
- Holy Spirit Infants School, Abermain.

“DC Green was very entertaining and provided the girls with some useful writing tips.”
- Ms Seear, Year 5, All Hallows' School, Brisbane.
‘Our kids really enjoyed the visit and were very engaged.’
- Rachael Hind, St Monica's Primary School, Evatt, ACT.

‘I've had lots of good feedback from the kids, they really enjoyed your presentation and loved all your antics. Lots of laughs were had by all.’
- Liz Spittall, Currumbin Valley State School, Qld.

‘Our children certainly had a great time and have come up with some good stories.’
- Anita Goodwin, St Josephs Hectorville, SA.

‘The DC Green author visit was a huge success with teachers, students and parents. DC Green had everyone laughing whilst giving great tips for writing stories and how to improve their writing.’
- the Tweed Heads Primary School newsletter.

‘A great visit. The kids are still talking about it.’
- Jenni Gates, Coolangatta State School, Qld.

‘The students obviously enjoyed themselves as the books DC left are flying off the shelves!’
- Molly Hardman, Windsor Gardens Vocational College, SA.

‘Thanks for the great show.’
- Bernadette Aitken, Good Shepherd Catholic School, Amaroo, ACT.

‘A wonderful performance.’
- Eleanor Bell, Bundeena PS, NSW.

‘A great show.’
- Ashleigh Blayden, Clarence Town Public School, NSW.

‘Thanks DC for both inspiring and entertaining the kids. Thanks also for sending additional writing strategies so quickly.’
- Julie Curry, Kahibah PS, NSW.

‘The kids here are still talking about DC’s visit and some of them have been inspired to write incredible stories.’
- Beth Morris, South Lake Primary School, WA.

‘The children and teachers were most impressed.’
- Diana Gamra, St Gabriel’s PS, Bexley, NSW.

‘A very high quality presentation… I have had some very positive verbal comments from staff.’
- Kay Bishop, Forest Lakes State High School, Qld.

‘A great show.’
- Margaret Cox, Sandringham 7-10 Campus, Vic.

‘The students really enjoyed the experience.’
- Jenny Charnock, St Mary’s PS, Warners Bay, NSW.

‘The primary teachers thought the show was suitable and were very happy with the response from the children.’
- Annette Darmody, Umina PS, NSW.

‘The kids loved the show.’
- Julian Lafferty, St Thomas More’s, Campbell, ACT.

‘Everyone agreed DC Green’s visit was a very special part of our Book Week Celebrations.’
- Jean Peters, Camden Primary School, NSW.

‘A successful visit.’
- Peter Millar, West Leeming Primary School, WA.

‘The staff and students who attended DC’s presentation were entertained and impressed.’
- A. McRae, St Patrick’s Primary, Walcha, NSW.

Teacher quotes from Narooma Primary School, NSW:
‘Children and teachers really enjoyed the presentation. Students asked some very interesting questions and were entertained and engaged.’
‘DC Green promoted reading and writing by being entertaining and funny in the reading and acting of his books. He was on the children’s wavelength and had them laughing at the fictionary characters. There were good teaching points for teachers in the promotion of the writing texts.’ – John L.
‘Even the little ones were interested!! Great to see.’ - Debbie L, K/Year 1.
‘Most enjoyable. Great sense of humour. Encouraged children to participate in reading and writing activities. Thank you!’ – Jane Richmond, Year 2/3.
‘Entertaining for all ages! Promoting reading and writing in a fun way.’
‘Very entertaining, appealing to the children and a great incentive for writing.’

‘DC Green had the children engaged from the beginning of his talk. I really loved how he involved the children throughout his talk - especially during the reading of his book. DC has written novels with topics that really appeal to primary-aged children. He was a fantastic guest speaker. Very entertaining.’
- Miss Isbester, St Matthews Central School, Mudgee.

‘An entertaining and informative talk. The children loved it, and many came up afterwards saying DC Green was great. His notes on writing are terrific.’
- Mary Healy, Teacher Librarian, Auburn North Public School.

‘I found the presentation fantastic & valuable to the students. I would highly recommend DC to any school.’
– Mr Dzbunski, Amaroo School, ACT.

‘A very enthusiastic show. It was great and it struck me that as teachers we need people like DC to come in and jig up the kids cos by late in the term we are all out of zip. My class went back to class and started writing enthusiastically.’
- Tricia Pfieffer, St Patricks, Mansfield Park, SA.

‘DC Green was inspirational, even to children that normally struggle to listen for long. Children were laughing and completely engrossed during his talk. Excellent advice was given about writing and how to get those elusive ideas. Thoroughly worthwhile!’
- Vicki Reay, Teacher Librarian, Shoalhaven Heads Public School.

‘An informative, enthusiastic and humorous presentation. The children found it very enjoyable and it kick-started their imaginations.’
- Angela Karakas, Librarian, Undercliffe Public School.

‘The Years 3 & 4 kids loved it! DC Green was exciting and funny. We all thought he was great. Loved his jokes in the story. Loved the way he mixed modern with classical characters in his stories.’
- Lilli Pilli Public School.

‘DC Green’s talk was very entertaining and enjoyed by all. The students are bugging the librarian to get his book out on the shelf to borrow so they can read it.’
- Years 3 & 4 and their teachers, Yamba PS.

‘A very successful visit.’
- Leslee Evans, Shoal Bay PS.

‘On show content: 10/10! The ideas given about story writing and publishing were great. Students were inspired and made to feel confident about their own ideas and experiences and how to use them in their story writing. The personal anecdotes given by Green were hilarious.
‘On student reaction: 11/10! Getting some boys to read is difficult but DC Green made it seem cool or to use the modern term 'hectic'. Boys are buying the books, discussing the storylines and characters and enjoying a new author and his way of writing.’
- Angela C., Literacy Support Teacher, Marist College, Pagewood.

‘DC captured the imagination of the kids… A great visit.’
- Margaret Makara, St Brigid’s Catholic School, Evanston, SA.

‘Positive feedback has come from many students and also parents have come in to tell me of the positive impact DC has had on their children.’
- Melanie Conrick, Cardiff South PS.

‘DC was an enthusiastic and entertaining spruiker for reading. He introduced children to the nuts and bolts of the writing process and authorship in a novel and funny way. Really good value. Year 4 loved him.’
‘Great presentation. What a man! - sense of humour, has guard cats, can cook and wonderful writing ideas. (Can I take him home?)’
‘An entertaining performance to promote books. It's great to support such a talented author.’
- Teacher quotes collected by Linda Leslie, Barrack Heights PS.

‘We thoroughly enjoyed DC’s visit to our school and I am very pleased with the children’s responses to hearing an author speak about writing books for young people.’
- Maria Arrow, Assumption School, Bathurst.

‘A fantastically entertaining hour! It was SO appropriate to my class. Year 6 were very inspired and returned to the room to WRITE – very good inspiring stuff. Not once upon a time… We wish DC Green was at our school ALL the time.’
- Lyn Bedwell, Stanwell Park PS.

‘The kids were thoroughly impressed!’
- Di Imison, Telopea Primary School.

‘The children are still talking about DC (all good of course).’
- Maree Kelly, Holy Trinity Primary School, Wagga Wagga.

‘The teachers and children enjoyed DC’s books.’
- Judith Griffiths, King Street PS, Singleton.

‘It was a great visit. The kids & teachers loved DC’s 'show'. Year 6 have chosen Erasmus as their class novel this term.’
- Kathy Dean, St Matthews Central School, Mudgee.

‘The children really enjoyed DC’s performance and wish to recapture that moment through reading his books.’
- Carol Hick, Hayes Park PS.

‘The feedback from our students and staff has been very good!’
- Julie Veel, St Pauls, Albion Park.

‘The year 4/5 students found DC’s show funny, unusual, entertaining.’
- Sandy Skinner, Reynella East Primary School, SA.

‘A great visit.’
- Tracey Hicks, Teacher-Librarian, Eglinton Public School.

‘Everyone enjoyed the visit. The kids are still debating as to whether or not DC told them the truth about his name:-).’
- Nicole O’Farrell, Holy Spirit, Lavington.

‘The kids at Lithgow Public School still talk of DC’s show that we had earlier in the year.’
- Jodie Klein, Lithgow PS.

‘I heard a lovely story from a parent... The night after DC's show her son had a friend stay the night. When she got up in the morning instead of hearing the usual blaring of morning cartoons or rage there was silence. (always a worry!) When she walked into the lounge room her son and friend had a beanbag each and were both ploughing through their own copies of Erasmus in silence. Both boys have been known as 'reluctant readers' in the past. The mum was very impressed!!’
- Ben Stockwin, Principal, Bruny Island District School, AUSTRALIA'S SOUTHERN-MOST SCHOOL.

‘Spellbound, Laughter and continual giggles,
Sat one hundred and sixty children without any wiggles.
DC enthralled us with many a true tale
Of adventure and survival beyond the pale.
Inspiring the author within each one,
The quest for new stories has really begun.
Erasmus is funny and right up our alley,
We all want to win it in the authorship rally.
All of the senior children in our school enjoyed DC Green's visit so much that they are trying to win his book through writing stories for our authorship competition.’
- Rowena Chater, Teacher-Librarian, Macgregor Primary, ACT.

‘A fantastic show. DC Green had the children engaged from the very start. He had their imaginations working overtime coming up with new ideas for stories. The show was very enjoyable and a great way to kick start creative writing in your school.’
- Michelle Devine, Teacher Librarian , St Therese Primary, West Wollongong.

‘What a fabulous time the students had listening to DC Green. He was funny. He used language the children could easily understand and he was able to get the kids thinking about weird and crazy endings to his stories. The best thing, as a teacher, was seeing kids who usually find it difficult coming up with story ideas suddenly thinking of these bizarre and wonderful story lines.’
- Kevin Pocknall, Amaroo School, ACT.

‘Wonderful tips on writing. The students were so energized by DC Green’s performance.’
- Heather Thompson, Gilgandra Primary.

‘A great show. I was impressed by the way DC Green held the children's attention, especially some I know are usually restless. All the children I have spoken to thoroughly enjoyed DC's presentation.’
- Kath Crapp, Bodalla PS.

‘Students were enthralled by DC's antics and truly terrific stories. We thank him for bringing to life the art of creative writing and inspiring the young to have a go and let go!’
- Jane McCullock, Culburra PS.

‘The children are enjoying the story being read to them, serial style every afternoon over the school speaker system! I'm the one adjusting reading a very funny story without an audience I can see or hear. Although one day the principal and another executive member did cause a slight hilarious interlude in the reading when they entered the room with a pillow, blanket and a glass of milk to sit and listen!! Hence they are now banned due to the fact I can't read while laughing out loud!!!! The students are also having a great time designing Zapp Machines and working out what on earth DC stands for!!’
- Catherine Bishenden, St Joseph's Primary, Orange.

‘Our kids loved DC Green's visit. He is irreverent and funny and he discusses creative writing and the writing process. We enjoyed it!’
- Rachael Hind, St Bede's P.S., Red Hill, ACT.

‘I thought DC was clever in the way that he wove the craft of story-telling into his oral story-telling. I thought he engaged the children effectively by using the humour of his book and his personal experiences.’
- Mrs H., Lindsay Park Primary School.

‘Staff and kids loved the show. It was an entertaining morning, and a good laugh! (educational too, of course!)’
- Joyanne Tollis, Calwell PS, ACT.

‘The 3/4/5/6 students loved DC's performance. His jokes were so funny, some of the students had trouble sitting up. Another was crying with laughter. The students loved his vivid imagination, singing and rap. I am currently reading Erasmus James to the 5/6 class.’
- Katrina McArthur, Jervis Bay School.

‘DC Green's show was enjoyable and entertaining. I set the children a writing task straight after as they were so motivated.’
- Vicky Aisbett, Assistant Principal, Berkeley Public School.

‘Thanks again for your visit. The kids really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next book to be published.’
- Angela Fitzpatrick, Parkes East Primary School.

‘It was a pleasure to have DC Green visit. I see children in the playground absorbed in reading his book.’
- Petra Pollum, Unanderra Primary School.

‘We were very impressed with DC's show. The students enjoyed his antics as well as his writing tips. An entertaining visit.’
- Kate Bohlscheid, Teacher/Librarian, Queanbeyan High School.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed being part of DC's performance. Hopefully the Academy Award is in the mail!!! Including teachers and students in performances will always enhance motivation and ensure their time is memorable. DC's writing tips and ideas support what teachers are doing in the classroom and allow children to unlock the key elements in writing narrative.’
- Smithton Primary School, Tasmania.

‘The children really enjoyed DC Green's style and his zany manner. He inspired the children with different ways to express themselves in their writing and encouraged the children to read. The children really enjoyed this experience.’
- Mater Dei Catholic Primary School newsletter.

‘One of our dreamy 5th graders reflected on DC's presentation with the words, ‘Really Mrs Knowles, he was just born to entertain don't you think?’
- Karyn Knowles, Teacher Librarian, North Nowra Public School.

‘Stage 2 and 3 students were invited to attend DC Green's presentation, which was greatly enjoyed by all. The students were very interested in how DC became a writer and the process of publishing. Books were available for students to purchase after the session and a class set was purchased for Stage 3 Literacy.’
- Marg Pike, Teacher Librarian, Vincentia Primary School.

‘A very informative, entertaining show.’
– Mr Kelly, Undercliffe Public School.

‘Thank you DC... for your enthusiasm, humour and knowledge. I will definitely recommend you to other schools! (You can quote me on that if you want to!)’
- Judithe Hall, Resource Centre Manager, Holy Spirit College (Bellambi).

‘Wow!! Energetic, spontaneous interaction with students. Powerful writing tips.’
- Danielle Griffiths, Gilgandra Primary.

‘DC Green recently performed before an audience of 80 adults and children at Ulladulla Library. This event was a great success and as he read excerpts from his book he acted, danced, answered questions and actively involved the audience who really enjoyed his informative and funny show. It's well worth asking DC Green to ‘perform’.’
- Rosemary Burke, ex-teacher, Acting Manager, Ulladulla Library.

‘I read a chapter or so each day to my class. They really enjoyed it, especially the jokes and the naughty bits!’
- Bob Swoope, teacher, Milton Public School.

‘The children enjoyed DC Green's humour and are eager to continue reading his book.’
- Meg Boxsell, Berkeley Public School.

‘The kids really enjoyed the show. They talked about it and are looking forward to reading the books.’ - Morgan Davies, Undercliffe Public School.

And these, from the same school...

‘Excellent. Students were interested in all aspects of the talk.’
- Mr Mungovern, Dapto Public School.

‘Entertaining, engrossing, educational. We look forward eagerly to DC's next visit.’
- Mr Quinn, Dapto Public School.

‘DC Green captivated the children with his entertaining and inspiring presentation, which even included raps.’
- J. Damir, Dapto Public School.

‘Very witty and entertaining. Thoroughly enjoyed by students and teachers.’
- D. Cecchels, Dapto Public School.

‘The children were totally engrossed by his humorous, entertaining personality.’
- Cathy Jones, Dapto Public School.

‘A very funny man. Thoroughly enjoyed his performance!’
- Jenny Doblander, Dapto Public School.

‘Entertaining, educational and motivating.’
- David Dark, Dapto Public School.

And this, from the festival front:

‘DC Green was a guest speaker/author at our 2005 Canberra Readers and Writers Festival in October 2005. DC was well prepared for his session and spoke thoughtfully and intelligently on the speaker's panel. He gave an entertaining reading and presentation of his children's book and was able to adapt the pitch of the presentation to suit the audience which ended up being much older than anticipated. I am pleased to recommend him for speaking events or school presentations.’
- Christine Aldred, Youth Projects Officer, ACT Writers Centre.

‘Dear DC, the staff and management commitee of the NSW Writers' Centre send you our warmest thanks for your participation in the Writing for Children and Young Adults Festival on 22 July 2006. The day was a great success and was very much enjoyed by all who attended. Throughout the day there was a wonderful sense of cameraderie and visitors came away from the festival inspired by all our panellists' ideas and experience. Once again, many thanks from me, our staff and committee.’
- Irina Dunn, President, NSW Writers' Centre.

And some more teacher quotes:

‘From all accounts the students really got a lot out of the workshop and enjoyed hearing from a real live author and journalist.’
- Louise McMullen, Amaroo School Library.

‘Exciting, informative, age appropriate. One of the best shows I've seen in a long time.’
- Mrs Greenhalgh, Gilgandra Primary School.

‘To stretch your students' minds and encourage them to read, you could not go past fantastic children's author DC Green. One hundred enthralled students now believe the first letters of DC's book, 'Erasmus James and the Galactic Zapp Machine', stand for Energetic, Jumping, Amusing, Great and Zany!’
- Mark Tweed, Year Six teacher, St Michaels Primary, Nowra.

‘Three months after DC Green charmed the children at Lake Munmorah they are still requesting THAT book by the ‘funny man’. It has not been back on the shelf since he left, a sure fire indication of how much they love it!!’
- Chris Knight, teacher librarian, Lake Munmorah Public School.

‘The children thoroughly enjoyed DC's vitality, stories and enthusiasm.’
- Pip Harris, teacher librarian, Mater Dei Catholic Primary School, Wagga Wagga.

‘The kids I have spoken to enjoyed DC’s talk. They said stuff like "He was funny" and "He can't dance very well, but it was fun." The English head teacher who was there really enjoyed the puns and felt that he had some good stuff to tell them. I’ve had a number of requests for DC’s books - my one copy is in demand!’
- Marion Hing, Warilla High School.

‘The library copy of DC's book is circulating very well. As soon as it goes back on the shelf, it has been re-borrowed soon after. This means that his promotional visits are having an impact.’
- Margaret Cooper, Shellharbour Primary School.

‘Our students really enjoyed DC's visit and were very positive in their responses. They particularly enjoyed the wacky sections of the show. Being country students they have very few opportunities to have interaction with a REAL live author. The post visit discussions were very positive.’
- Sandra Campbell, St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Griffith.

‘Thank you for participating in this year's 'International Writer's Celebration'. Your contribution has been very significant and without it the event would not have been such a success. We hope that you will participate next year.’
- Shannon Spiers and Jessie Ebsworth, Student Coordinators, Queanbeyan High School.

‘The feedback from the children, in all grades, was very positive. They all seemed to enjoy themselves a great deal. The teachers commented that most of the children were chattering quite excitedly about DC's presentation when they were back in class. I look forward to seeing DC's future writings in my library.’
- Warren Rich, Lindsay Park Public School.

‘The children were all spellbound by the antics of DC Green. When I discussed his visit with the class after the show, the students were able to recall the important features of writing a good story, and all were eager to have a go themselves!’
- Kate, Orana Heights Primary School.

‘The children loved DC Green's antics!’
- Robyn Dunlop, Librarian, Lakes Entrance Primary School, VIC.


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