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28 October 2005

"An Absolute Corker!" - ASL Review

"An Absolute Corker!" - ASL Review

"Erasmus James & the Galactic Zapp Machine" Review by Tim Fisher, Australia’s Surfing Life magazine.

"Had a flick through any kids books lately? Nope? There’s a bloody good reason. Sure, some of ‘em are great, but there’s a ton that aren’t. Don’t even get me started on that bloody Hazza Potter and his gang of ridiculous witches, or whatever they are.

"Erasmus James, on the other hand, is full of ninja horses, mutant chooks and more ridiculously original nonsense from the fevered brain of original Tubequest warrior DC Green, gonzo surf writer extraordinaire. Writing compelling character studies of inbred South Oz locals or blow-by-blow accounts of Mick Fanning’s St Leu celebrations might be one thing, but writing a kid’s book and making it funny, is a different kettle of milk altogether.

"With the Galactic Zapp machine, DC has pulled off an absolute corker."

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14 October 2005

A World of Wonder - Review by Bill Condon

A World of Wonder - Review by Bill Condon

A world of wonder, surprise and great fun awaits readers of Erasmus James and the Galactic Zapp Machine, published by Ibis Books.

DC Green has created a joyous comic funfare ride of a book that zips the reader along with wise-cracking Erasmus who, with the aid of his Dad’s incredible Zapp Machine, somehow finds himself in Uponia, the Planet of Ponies and People. "When I pulled that silver lever, it was like being sucked into God’s cosmic vacuum cleaner. What a brain buzz!"

And what a buzz it continues to be as Erasmus teams up with Franklin, a good natured talking horse with a nasty wind problem.

This is fast and furious, laugh out loud humour but also, for those who look a little harder, Green has managed to weave in a subtle message about powerful leaders intent on ruining the world’s ecology to further their own ends. It fits in neatly without being at all clunky, and every page is still very funny indeed.

A brilliant debut novel from a clever and inventive writer. Kids will love this one.

- Bill Condon, author of over 80 books for children. www.enterprisingwords.com

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