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01 March 2011

Rave Raz Reviews!

Rave Raz Reviews!

Here's a few ripper reviews for 'Erasmus James & the Galactic ZAPP Machine'...

"DC Green is a sharper, swarthier JK Rowling."
- Derek Rielly, Stab Magazine.

"It's like Harry Potter, but with way funnier jokes!"
- Hayley T, 11 years old.

"DC Green is such a great writer. Oh, I wish I was 14 again! It's like a breath of fresh air to read this whimsical stuff."
- Carol Roach, author & Storytime Tapestry editor.

"This fabulous, fun-filled fable is so good, I was laughing out loud. DC Green's brilliant talent shines through at every turn of this tale. I'm still chuckling at some of the lines."
- Jodi Flesberg Lilly, Ryze Creative Writers Network moderator. www.lightinmotion.net

"Erasmus James & the Galactic Zapp Machine has an exciting plot (complete with timely message) with many an unexpected twist. The language is a mirror to ‘kid-culture,’ and the clever use of word and pun will captivate readers of all ages."
- Jensen Ruehle, Bookmark Australia.

"This is great reading! I laugh out loud every time! And, I never know when the next guffaw will come roaring up!"
- David Moorhead, journalist, web designer, life coach. davidmoorhead.com

"This is a great read for the groms floating around puberty."
- Tracks magazine.

"Erasmus is certainly unique, has heaps of kid appeal and a message or two hidden amongst all the zaniness to boot!"
- Sue Whiting, www.suewhiting.com

"Erasmus James is an awesome read, an absolute corker!"
- Tim Fischer, Australia's Surfing Life magazine.

"I love reading about Erasmus. He has the kind of adventures I had in my head as a kid before the grown up disease got me."
- Maria Stepek Doherty, Storytime Tapestry senior writer. www.chrysalistransformations.com

"DC Green’s use of alliteration is brilliant and his play on words sends me into fits! His imagination is so vivid and deep and so appealing to children... Beneath all this intelligent hilarity is an underlying message about life questions, like facing one's demons/fears and hates as Erasmus does throughout his journey into Uponia."
- Moira Elliott, Pass It On.

"I love this book. It’s funny. It’s adventurous. It’s it’s it’s brilliant!"
- Beth S, 12 years old.

"WOW! I am the Gran of five boys and nine girls aged 18 months to 17.5 years, and I love this book!"
- Judith Bamford, The Buzzing Bees Ezine.

"This story is highly original, humorous, fantastical and will no doubt (in my mind at least) have DC Green being called 'the new Paul Jennings.' I was hooting all the time with laughter."
- Di Bates, author of over 90 books for children. home.pacific.net.au/~dibates

"Thanks heaps for letting me read the book to my class. I read a chapter or so each day and they really enjoyed it, especially the jokes and the naughty bits!"
- Bob Swoope, teacher, Milton Public School.

" Thank you DC Green! The imagery you create is wonderful. I love the dialogue and the way you play with words is awesome."
- Shirley Soodeen, author. pinksooshi.blogspot.com

"Funny funny funny... After a long time, an intergalactic laugh out loud adventure."
- Arjun Chandramohan Bali, screenwriter. balihai.blogspot.com

"DC Green must have a blast writing. It shows. What a fantastic escape from humdrum!"
- Steve Trotter, The National Truth. www.SteveTrotter.com

"Amazingly creative."
- The Illawarra Mercury.

"It is a great shame that I am not a nine-year-old boy. Erasmus James and the Galactic Zapp Machine is weird and warped, including everything from pumpkin-pie eating ninja horses to giant texta wielding birds. It is full of whimsy and cunning... a roller-coaster ride."
- Gillian Polack, As If Reviews.

"DC Green has a gift for crazy gung ho plots and even quirkier frenzied descriptions. But the big reason this book is so wonderful is because it's too funny for words!"
- Sandy Fussell, author.

"I normally wouldn't like something with so much farting in it, but I love-love-loved this book. It's kind of Hitch-hikers Guide crossed with Narnia crossed with Black Beauty and the Goodies. I laughed, I cried, I worried about the author's mental health... Much like that muddy pothole on my grandparents' driveway, Erasmus James and the Galactic Zapp Machine is a lot deeper than it looks."
- Emma Hardman, 2006 ABC Fiction Award runner-up.

"A world of wonder, surprise and great fun awaits readers of Erasmus James and the Galactic Zapp Machine. DC Green has created a joyous comic funfare ride of a book... A brilliant debut novel from a clever and inventive writer. Kids will love this one."
- Bill Condon, CBCA Honor Book of the Year winner.

"An action-packed, humorous adventure which will appeal to upper-primary aged readers. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments, interspersed with action and some gentle messages about family, friendship and even self-belief. Plenty of fun."
- Sally Murphy, Aussie Reviews.

"A rollicking, fart-filled yarn."
- Surfer magazine (USA).

"DC Green is the new Roald Dahl."
- DC Green.

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